Nano Clean 4 U


It’s Nanoed™ Barrier Technology is based on engineered molecules of silicon dioxide (SiO2) forming a strong covalent bond that stays on hard surfaces for over 30 days or on your hands for up to 8 hours. This barrier is only nanometers thick and prevents harmful microbes from attaching to the surface like a balloon landing on a bed of nails.

How It's Nanoed™ Works

It’s Nanoed™ has been developed without the use of leaching agents or toxic materials. Our chemists have successfully married our It’s Nanoed™ Technology with a “3-(trimethoxysilyl) propyldimethyloctadecyl ammonium chloride” or silane-quat (si-quat) molecule to offer a safe, effective alternative to traditional pathogen control. Our safe and revolutionary products provide long-lasting surface protection from harmful microbes through a mechanical process that greatly reduces the instances of microbial resistance (super bugs).

Innovation & Performance

Unlike alcohol and harsh chemicals, It’s Nanoed™ Protectant Barriers pose no risk when inhaled or applied to the skin. Silicon dioxide (SiO2) is found in vegetables, water and beer, and is considered a safe food additive by the FDA (FDA CFR-Title 21, Chapter 1, Subchapter B, Part 172, Subpart E, Sec. 172.480).

In addition to harmful microbes, It’s Nanoed™ Protectant Barriers also reject water, oil, solvents, dirt, and mould/mildew while being resistant to abrasion, environmental decay, U.V. light breakdown. Our Barrier products are easily applied and don’t require the use of special PPE needed when using chemical kill solutions.

And most importantly, you only need to use our Barrier Protectant every month and our Hand Sanitizer every 8 hours! Saving you time and money while providing superior protection!

When It’s Nanoed, You Know It’s Safe!™