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Other services we provide:

Tile and Grout Cleaning – Grout is a porous product and needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Wet mopping pushes the dirt off the tile surface and deposits it in the grout lines. The continual buildup is what turns the grout black. We can offer cleaning suggestions to reduce the buildup of soil. Grout should be cleaned at 3 months to 24 months depending on the traffic and soil load. A restaurant, for example might need to be cleaned monthly.

Carpet Cleaning – We offer Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning for residential or commercial carpets with a longer pile. Our specialty equipment is designed for deep down cleaning with superior extraction. Stain removal, including pet stain and odor remediation, is available to restore your carpeting to its original luster.

Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning (VLM) – Extremely fast drying using our VLM service is perfect for businesses that require no downtime. Our encapsulation cleaners are environmentally friendly with built in stain protection. Whatever type of business you have will benefit from this service. Hotels, motels and resorts can benefit from no downtime in room usage. Rooms can be cleaned, with carpeting drying in about an hour, allowing for almost immediate turnaround. 

Concrete Cleaning – Grease, oil and grime are no match for us! Whether it’s grease from restaurants or oil from automotive facilities, we have a solution. Chewing gum, spills or everyday dust and dirt are typically the types of calls we receive.

Brick and Paver Cleaning – Brick or paver patios, driveways or walkways are remarkably similar to concrete cleaning. Bring back the luster to your pavers or increase the depth and color with a ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings are very durable and makes the surface incredibly easy to clean.

Natural Stone Cleaning – Natural stone surfaces require a bit more TLC than most surfaces. We have just the right combination of cleaning and polishing to make your floors pop. Whether you like a mirror finish or a satin finish, we can satisfy your needs.